Kim Kardashian’s ever changing face has given birth to many controversial rumors which suggest that her beauty might not be all that natural and could in fact be the result of plastic surgery. Furthermore, the Kim Kardashian plastic surgery pictures show a face which is constantly changing and a body which remains ever so youthful. We are all aware of the fact that nowadays, there are a lot of treatments which can maintain one’s youth naturally. Moreover, photography tricks can also enhance a celebrity’s beauty. However, from what we’ve seen so far, these types of natural treatments only work when they are combined with a healthy diet and a lot of regular exercise. Now, Kim is not exactly a model of a healthy life. Despite the fact that she never had any serious weight problems and she even managed to get rid of her baby weight in record time. However, she is not the fitness enthusiasts that other celebrities are. Furthermore, she has always struggled to get rid of cellulite and the only time she actually managed to do it was when she used a non invasive spa treatment. Last but not least, all those years of partying should have left some marks on Kim’s face. Nevertheless, Kim doesn’t seem to have aged at all in the last seven years.

  • Contours or plastic surgeries?

If we analyze some before and after Kim Kardashian plastic surgery pictures, we notice that Kim’s face is constantly changing. According to her, the reason why she always looks different is due to the fact that she likes to experiment with makeup contouring techniques. Kim even posted some tutorial pictures where she displays some of her contouring techniques and we must say that the results are indeed remarkable. Nevertheless, some of her features seem to be very different and we doubt that makeup can indeed make a nose slimmer or that it can make wrinkles disappear completely. Well, if we know one thing for sure that is that Kim is no stranger to Botox as she herself admitted.

  • Natural hot body or plastic enhancements?

The Kim Kardashian plastic surgery pictures which circulate the internet are not hard proves since pictures can be modified in Photoshop. Even without modifications, pictures can still feature considerable difference’s in a person’s image due to photography techniques such as perfect lighting and right angles. Nevertheless, when it comes to Kim’s body, we have some hard evidence which shows that she indeed had plastic surgery. Her first husband said that he paid for Kim’s liposuction of breast augmentation surgery. Despite the fact that Kim never openly admitted to these surgeries, her divorce papers say otherwise. Unaware of the fact that her divorce papers might one day become public, Kim stated in court that her first husband pressured her into having plastic surgeries so that she could look perfect for him. While we cannot say for sure which one of the two is telling the truth, one thing is for sure: Kim’s body is anything but 100% natural. As far as her controversial posterior goes, Kim went a long way in order to prove that it was natural. She even had a doctor x-ray her posterior and displayed the results on TV in order to end the plastic surgery rumors.

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