How to keep a photo journal

December 5, 2011

If you like to keep a journal and if you like to take photos every time you go somewhere than you should combine the two and make a photo journal. When you keep a photo journal you take pictures of all the events and trips you take part of and place them in an album and write a short description of what happened that day. Through these you can make a short history of your life’s events. A small part of your life which you can flip every time you feel like it. Here is how you can keep a photo journal.

When you are starting a photo journal the key is to be organized. But first you should pick the type of journal you want, you can choose from the following types: online, printed or on your computer. After you have chosen what type of journal you want to keep it is time or decide how many times you are going to write in your photo journal.

Choose a title for every event you want to add to you journal, pick a picture which best represents the event and start writing. If you want to have a journal where you write every day then you should add a photo every day. For example, if you are writing about a wedding or the birth of a baby you should add a photo which describes the event the best.

Every person should have a goal when they are starting a journal, you should to. Many journalists start a journal because they want to keep track of all the important events that happened in their lives or because they want to express their feeling. Many people choose starting a journal where they express their feeling as therapy.

For every entry in you photo journal you should have a date and a photo. Every event should be dated because you want or remember when you took that picture and also add a caption. The caption is basically a short description of what you did that they. Never forget to add the date to the photo.

To make the journal more personal start decorating it. A good example of how your journal should look is a scrap book. You should color the pages, add borders and a certain type of hand writing. It should be fun and entirely you.

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