There are many Anna Faris plastic surgery pictures that can serve as evidence that the actress tried to improve her look after getting her divorce. Women who usually go through this kind of process need to feel good about themselves, so they do whatever they can to enhance their aspect, but also their self esteem and confidence. Based on certain speculations, it appears that Anna went through the same situation, and that is why she decided to boost her appearance and impress even more with her beauty. After all, all she did was highlight the natural beauty that she already had.

Anna’s breast augmentation

Anna Faris, who became famous after appearing in “Scary Movie” film series looked good before going under the knife, but now she looks amazing. She opted for a bust enlargement because she thought that her breast didn’t fit her body very well. Furthermore, after her divorce, she declared that she wanted to celebrate the fact that she was single, so she started to do so by getting breasts that are fuller and perfectly shaped. The Anna Faris plastic surgery pictures show off a great transition, as the procedure that she had helped her look ravishing.

Botox treatment

Analyzing some Anna Faris plastic surgery pictures, we can notice that the famous actress also used Botox injections to eliminate wrinkles and other aging signs. Considering that she is 38 years old and that she has a very smooth and shiny skin, we can assume that the star used silicone injections to delay the natural process of aging. Moreover, most of the women her age usually have visible wrinkles on their forehead and around their eyes, but Anna looks fresh and very toned.

Rhinoplasty, chin implants and brow lift

Looking at older pictures, we can see a slight difference in the way her nose used to look, and the way it looks now. According to several experts’ opinion, celebrities try to achieve a perfect appearance by using Rhinoplasty, even if their nose doesn’t have such a bad shape. Apparently, Anna wanted to align her nose with the rest of her facial features, so she opted for a cosmetic surgery that would make her nose appear sharper and narrower than before. However, there are other rumors according to which the star also had a chin implant and a brow lift, which is not true. Anna denies all these speculations, and she claims that she was born looking this way. Plus, we all know that makeup can work miracles when it comes to changing someone’s face shape and highlighting qualities.

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